Buying the products of OJSC "Shakhty factory Gidroprivod", look for the presence of a protective holographic sticker on the cover of the manual. You can verify the serial number specified in the instruction manual and the date of manufacture of buying hydraulic by making a request to e-mail

Technical Data_MG_12_32 (PDF, 276 Kb)

Technical Data_MG_2_28_32  (PDF, 206Kb)

Technical Data_MN_56_32 (PDF, 345 Kb)

Technical Data_MG_80_32 (PDF, 195 Kb)

Technical Data_MG_112_32 (PDF, 397 Kb)

Technical Data_MG_250_32 (PDF, 227 Kb)

Technical Data_MN_250_160 (PDF, 229 Kb)

Technical Data_NGM_56_32 (PDF, 240 Kb)

Technical Data_MGP(1D,E)_112_32M (PDF, 284Kb)

Technical Data_NGLS_112_32 (PDF, 189 Kb)

OJSC “Shakhty factory Gidroprivod” is one of the
leading enterprises of Russia is specialized on
producing hydraulic pumps and motors.

346513 Russia, Rostov region, Shakhty city,
Yakutsky lane, 2
tel./fax: +7 8636 296 100