Buying the products of OJSC "Shakhty factory Gidroprivod", look for the presence of a protective holographic sticker on the cover of the manual. You can verify the serial number specified in the instruction manual and the date of manufacture of buying hydraulic by making a request to e-mail

Sinse 2012 year, installation of a new production line for cast iron and steel by the technology named ALPHA-SET  is on base of OJSC "Shakhty factory Gidroprivod”.

The technology used allows you to produce:

  • Gray cast iron ((сч10-сч30 – Russian name)
  • Ductile cast iron (сч 40- сч 60  – Russian name)
  • Casting low-carbon steel
  • High-manganese steel
  • Alloy Steel

The maximum dimensions of castings can be 3000-2000-400 mm., Weight is 2-2000 kg.

Accuracy class castings is 9-10.

Manufacture of castings 9-10 accuracy class will provide castings with minimum allowance for processing, and this in turn helps to reduce the cost of metal cutting tools, metal cutting machines load, to reduce the time for machining, improve a ratio of material using ( to reduce the quantity of metal on the chips).

The mark of smelted metal, its structure and mechanical properties of castings are determined by accredited laboratories.

OJSC "Shakhty factory Gidroprivod" takes orders for manufacture of steel castings and cast iron by the models and drawings of Customer.

OJSC “Shakhty factory Gidroprivod” is one of the
leading enterprises of Russia is specialized on
producing hydraulic pumps and motors.

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tel./fax: +7 8636 296 100