GIDROPRIVOD factory has a forty-year history and is a unique manufacture of hydraulic drives of high pressure up to 40 MPa and working flow up to 450 l/min.

1971 The factory commissioned by the Ministry of machine tool and industry.

1973 First pump-motor MN 250/160 was released. It was earmarked for locomotives and needs of the Ministry of defense. The Ministry organized a military representative office at the factory for industrial acceptance.

1974 Licensing agreement with “Rexroth” company (FRG) which was the leading world manufacturer of hydraulic drives. GIDROPRIVOD comes to the forefront of the hydraulics manufacturing.

1990 '90s – sharp decrease in production volume amid the general market economy decline of the country.

1998 Formation of Open Joint-Stock Company “Shakhty factory Gidroprivod” marked the beginning of the factory's revival.

2000 First hydraulic pump for road-construction industry was put into serial production.This allowed the factory to get back the leader position on the market of hydraulics and gave an opportunity for further development.

2000 - 2009 developing of axial piston variable and fixed displacement hydraulic pumps and motors of 12-112 cm³.

2011 Hydrostatic transmission GST-90 going to be put into mass production. Developing axial piston pump with LS regulator LS 45/25 and pumping unit AN 133.56/32.

OJSC “Shakhty factory Gidroprivod” is one of the
leading enterprises of Russia is specialized on
producing hydraulic pumps and motors.

346513 Russia, Rostov region, Shakhty city,
Yakutsky lane, 2
tel./fax: +7 8636 296 100