OJSC “Shakhty factory Gidroprivod” is one of the leading enterprises of Russia is specialized on producing hydraulics used in many industries.

The factory occupies about 10 hectares.

The producing power of the factory focused on 40 000 sqm. 550 employees are working in the factory.

At the present time The Gidroprivod factory has new formed team of high-qualified engineers. That can confirm the high-technical level of the producing pumps and hydraulic motors. And let produce absolutely new products. The employees of the designing-technological department are always in processing of the new solutions and ideas.

The Gidroprivod has own engineering center for solving technical problems concerning modern hydraulic systems.

Our company can produce hydraulic components and hydraulic systems by special order with individual wishes of the client.

Advantages of our hydraulics are simplicity of realization stepfree regulations of speed(simple stepfree regulations of speed), high frequency and accuracy reversing, high efficiency, reliability, stability of set operation modes, simplicity of use and service.

The design and technical characteristics of our hydraulics stay on the same line with the best world models.

We demand big requirements for responsible parts and components of our hydraulics.

OJSC Shakhty Gidroprivod Factory has complete technological series of the producing start with procuring and finish with ready-made products.

Today the enterprise has modern machines with CNC such as OKUMA, BLUESTAR, LEADWELL and FADAL. They are vertical milling centers, turning milling centers, horizontal turning centers, turning and milling machines with CNC.

System of management and quality certified is in appliance with international standard ISO 9001-2008.

100% products pass the testing for compliance of operating parameters on hydraulic test benches. The resource of our machines we test in special certified hydraulic laboratory.

Major serial producing hydro machines are intended for road-building, municipal and other special machines. Also we manufacture hydraulics for complete products of enterprises that produce drilling Rigs for development and repair works of oil and gas wells, vibratory seismic signals source, hydraulic power tongs.

Flexible pricing and individual attitude for every client is guaranty of successful relationships.

The exclusive distributor of the Gidroprivod factory is Trade House Gidroprivod Ltd.

OJSC “Shakhty factory Gidroprivod” is one of the
leading enterprises of Russia is specialized on
producing hydraulic pumps and motors.

346513 Russia, Rostov region, Shakhty city,
Yakutsky lane, 2
tel./fax: +7 8636 296 100