OJSC “Shakhty factory Gidroprivod” have existed for 40 years on the hydraulics market.

Our main aim is to supply our customers by modern and reliable products.

Equipping of the factory with high-tech and high-precision equipment keeps the high level of quality of the producing goods.

Specialists of our engineering center can design and introduce radically new products as well as updated serial produced machines by individual order.


Being one of the biggest manufacturers of hydraulics in Russia and CIS Gidroprivod factory is interested in development of the East markets, Middle East markets and Europe markets.

OJSC “Shakhty factory Gidroprivod” is one of the
leading enterprises of Russia is specialized on
producing hydraulic pumps and motors.

346513 Russia, Rostov region, Shakhty city,
Yakutsky lane, 2
tel./fax: +7 8636 296 100